Wednesday, October 7, 2009


HellaMiles is one of the new up and coming talents in San Francisco. His smooth music style and down to earth personality makes him a force to be reckoned with.


Miles Medina first gained an interest in DJing when he was around 11 years old after seeing a Jordan Knight performance at a free festival in San Francisco. The DJs for that show had a 2 minute showcase where they cut and juggled records while the crowd went nuts. Miles thought it was the coolest thing he had ever seen, so after that, Miles started recording DJ mixes from Wild 94.9 FM every Friday and Saturday on the radio and enjoyed them throughout the week. He wanted to start learing how to mix, but because he couldn’t afford turntables at that age, Miles used a broken mixer he got for Christmas one year and 2 CD discmans he had accumulated to begin his training.

At around the age of 13, Miles finally got a set of turntables and starting mixing and juggling any records he could get his hands on. By age 14 he entered his first battle, a Guitar Center preliminary round and ended up winning that night to advance to the next round. A year later, he had improved his battle skills further and started entering every local battle he could, placing in most of them. By 15, Miles was winning most of the battles he entered and was beating DJs 10 years older than him. Eventually, he was asked to join The Evolution DJs, one of the most respected West Coast DJ crews at the time and who represented the US in the DMC world team battles!

Working at a record store helped Miles gain an appreciation for all types of music, which brings him to his diverse taste in music now. Club DJing started when another DJ came into the record store while Miles was mixing and impressed with his skills, asked Miles to DJ at the club he played for at the time. The same thing happened a few months later and before he knew it, Miles was DJing at multiple clubs almost every weekend. This experience trained him to cater to crowds as well as club managers and taught him at a very early age that being an entertainer meant much more than just playing the same records over and over again.

One of the most pivotal points in Miles’ career came when he was DJing at a college fair and a promoter from Aura Nightclub spotted him and booked him for an event there. That night, he opened for DJ E-Rock, who in turn offered him a guest spot on his new radio show “Club 949”, a show that focused on big club DJs throughout the country. He was asked to come back almost every month along with DJ Vice, Graham Funke, DJ Homicide, DJ Spryte, Roctakon, and a hand full of the biggest club DJs in the nation. Soon, not only was Miles offered a weekly spot, but Wild 94.9 gave him the 10 pm spot on their Friday mix show. With these shows, Miles has gained fans from other places near and far such as LA, San Diego, New York, England, Germany and Australia.

Since then, Miles has played at some of the biggest clubs on the West Coast including Slide SF, Les Deux Hollywood, and The Palms LV, as well as gained residencies at Fluid SF, Infusion Lounge and WET Nightclub spinning alongside such DJs as DJ Jazzy Jeff, Eli Escobar, DJ Fashen and others of similar caliber. In 2009, he was signed to the Champion Artist Management and Productions agency (CAMP) along with talented DJs such as J Espinosa, Don Lynch and DJ As-Is. Miles is recognized for his aggressive mixing style when it comes to scratching, creative mixes and an eclectic musical taste, which allows him to entertain any crowd. Look out for this talented youngster as he continues to raise the bar for professional DJs everywhere!

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